Cervical Cancer and its Vaccine Trends in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A highlight


  • Fatima Yasin Mayo Hospital
  • Qasim Mehmood King Edward Medical University
  • Sidra Imtiaz Karachi Medical and Dental College
  • Irfan Ullah Gandhara University
  • Sufyan Razak Dow University of Health Sciences





Author Biographies

Fatima Yasin, Mayo Hospital

Medicine, Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.

Qasim Mehmood, King Edward Medical University

King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Sidra Imtiaz, Karachi Medical and Dental College

Karachi Medical and Dental College, Karachi, Pakistan.

Irfan Ullah, Gandhara University

Kabir Medical College, Gandhara University, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Sufyan Razak, Dow University of Health Sciences

Dow University of Health Sciences, Civil Hospital Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan.


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Yasin, F., Mehmood, Q., Imtiaz, S. ., Ullah, I., & Razak, S. (2023). Cervical Cancer and its Vaccine Trends in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A highlight. Razi International Medical Journal, 3(1), 6–8. https://doi.org/10.56101/rimj.v3i1.66